# Not Buying It!

Latest site. What a privilege to have been asked to produce this responsive, fully SEO,  website as per client wishes.

Alvin Rakoff

 It was a great honour to have been asked to build this website for the famous award winning film director and writer Alvin Rakoff

UK Feminista

UK Feminista is a popular social networking hub for organisations and individuals campaigning against gender inequality. A busy Joomla site that has the Community Builder extension at its heart, brings together this online community. One of the most challenging aspects was to have a system that allowed individuals and groups to have their own blogs. I built and maintained this website free of charge for over 18months. *Now under new ownership.


OBJECT is an award-winning organisation that uniquely combines successful political lobbying with grass roots campaigning. The original OBJECT site used table based static html pages and flash navigation. As the site grew it became increasingly difficult and time consuming to add or edit html content. Changing to a Joomla CMS it was important that the original design and branding built up over the years were kept the same. I have worked closely with Object since Oct 2008 and have helped on a number of IT issues.

Missing Paws

Drupal 6 site,  forerunner to the new Drupal 7 site ' Find Lost Dog'.

Freight Express

A personal test project. Not your typical html site, this uses a jQuery ajax function to load content without refreshing the page. Nice but a little pointless, there would be major issues with URL, SEO, bookmarks, javascript disablement etc if used on a live site.

Absolutely Blooming

Sometimes I’ll come across a site and give it a makeover just because I want to! Nothing special here, a basic html page built in Dreamweaver with graphics produced in Fireworks. The next step would be to advance this draft layout to a working e-commerce site in Drupal or similar.


This was the old Drupal 6 Stirling-Webdesign site. No longer hosted. 

Shoping List

Built over 14yrs ago! Hand coded interactive 'Shopping list' app type site. No longer hosted.

Lib Dims

A quickly erected Drupal 7 site for the upcoming British 2017 General Election.  It highlights the failings of a particular party.
A blank Bootstrap theme was used with added custom made graphics to bring it to life.

Stand Up For Women

Stand Up For Women was the UK's first ever initiative to raise funds and awareness for women’s organisations. Organisations that help the millions of women who experience discrimination and abuse, often saving lives.

Charlies Classic Limousine Hire

Charlies Classic Limousine Hire wanted a simple and easy to navigate website for their unique wedding hire limousine business. This responsive Drupal 7 site has a custom built template using the popular Bootstrap Framework. In addition a Business Card was designed and ready for printing process. 


Originally a Drupal 6 site. This new Drupal 7 site was launched a few years back. Also includes secondary mobile site integration.

Demand Change

Just another Joomla site! I don’t take credit for the design of this site. That was supplied by a graphic artist working for the client. My job was to build a Joomla site from that graphic. 

Courier Chat

Now over 17 years old! CourierChat was once a popular community site aimed at self employed parcel delivery operators.  Months of hand coding , PHP, javascript , MySQL queries and form building went into this, not forgetting database creation, WAP integration , Flash animation and custom graphics.

Scrap Book

"A personal compilation of tasty titbits including 3d gallery and shout3d applets with a garnishing of humorous dialog all created by yours truly." Well you’ve got to put something in your description meta tag! This was a demo site I made while trying out a new html editor. The models for the 3d applets I created in Milkshape and animated in Cinema 4d. Additional interactive actions were coded into a Java file and compiled. Be sure to check out the shout3d applets and Milkshape tutorial if you want to get your 3d hands dirty!

3D Modeling Flash Gallery

3D graphics have always fascinated me. This simple Flash gallery I made shows a collection of some of my work over the years. Models were mostly created using Rhinoceros or Milkshape and rendered in Cinema 4d. ‘Hard Boiled’ featured in Computer Arts magazine and 'JazTime' was voted first in an online computer graphics competition. The ‘Electronic Keyboard’ and ‘Hegner Fretsaw’ were painstakingly measured from the real thing!